Re: [Evolution] Editor woes

On Mon, 2020-01-27 at 07:41 -0800, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
On Mon, 2020-01-27 at 09:20 +0000, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Sun, 2020-01-26 at 17:46 -0800, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
Is there anything to be done about the built in text editor.  It
oftendeletes more than is highlighted...

I've never seen this, but I wonder if it's affected by your
currenttheme or font (including size).

Judging by your reply, you probably send messages in plain text;

Of course. I also prefer receiving them in plain text.

never see these problems when composing messages in plain text.  I
prefer to use HTML since the formatting is more elegant; but I may

Evolution permits a certain amount of formatting without using HTML.
This is called Rich Text.

 * One
 * Two
   1. Two dot one
   2. Two dot two

Indented paragraphs:
   Like this
      And this
   And this

                                             Like this line for example
                             And centered

Plus of course the Preformatted option which just puts in whatever you type or paste from a copy buffer 
without trimming lines.

I find these pretty much cover anything I need to do.


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