Re: [Evolution] Evolution PST support

On Tue, 2020-01-07 at 22:45 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
I don't know of any Linux applications or libraries that write/update
.pst files - they are all based around reading and converting the
file to something more standard. The issue really is that PST format
is a Microsoft proprietary (but open) format and there are multiple,

It has also been replaced by the OST file; while PST remains supported.
 For now.

The format seems to be very fragile in that it

It is.  There are sooo many ways to break a PST file, including just
using multiple version of Outlook.  I would not be comfortable using is
an archive format in a case where people actually needed to access that

As others have said, use IMAP - the pain of setting up a server will
almost certainly be beneficial in the long run.  If setting up a
server is not your thing, then there are cloud based solutions.

If the user just wants BLOBs of e-mails the MBOX file is a reasonable
solution.   I, personally, don't get why anyone would want such a
thing... but that certainly works, I dumped messages to archival MBOX
files in the past - mostly for reasons of Legal Discovery, etc...
Adam Tauno Williams, awilliam whitemice org
Multi-Modal Activists Against Auto Dependent Development
resisting the unAmerican socialists of the Motorist hegemony 

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