Re: [Evolution] Evolution PST support

A PST is a simple file that can  be backups,  copied,  stored on a
network share, thumb drive, and archived with a project.   individual
files that can be put in different locations.

Evolution supports saving emails to an mbox file.    It would be nice
if there was someway to link and not Import the file.  I have seen a
few options (have not investigated yet) that will allow mbox files in
outlook.   My aversion to importing is that it now creates a second

I don't know of any Linux applications or libraries that write/update
.pst files - they are all based around reading and converting the file
to something more standard. The issue really is that PST format is a
Microsoft proprietary (but open) format and there are multiple,
incompatible, versions.  The format seems to be very fragile in that it
doesn't take much to corrupt the .pst file making it unreadable. And
it's certainly not a "simple" file in that it's a complex indexed b-
tree format.  You also have to remember that .pst files can contain
multiple mail folders, contact information and calendars - all in one
big monolithic file.

As others have said, use IMAP - the pain of setting up a server will
almost certainly be beneficial in the long run.  If setting up a server
is not your thing, then there are cloud based solutions.


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