[Evolution] 2 exchange accounts


I just setup a personal exchange account and I also have a work
exchange account.  I set up the first exchange accounts in online
accounts in mint 19.3 evolution 3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 started
evolution and gave it the identity info and it jumped right to the end
and that exchange account is working fine.  I then added my business
exchange account in online accounts, but whenever I try to setup a new
account in evolution and give it my email address it goes to IMAP
server info.  I don't have the ews plugin installed as it seemed to say
that was only for older versions of exchange, if I read right... and it
seems to be working fine without it on my outlook.com exchange account.
I read an older post saying the user restarted mint and then the
account showed up, but now luck either.  I assume it will support 2
accounts?  Hope so anyway as I really like evo.


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