[Evolution] Evolution PST support

Trying to find a workable solution to a mail retention policy.

My primary machine is Evolution 3.34.2 on a Fedora 31 Machine.  Project
work requires switching between multiple windows/linux machines. The
Windows machines are configured with Outlook (Multiple versions).  The
Linux machines all contain Evolution.   

I have a large achive of PST files that I often have to reference on
each machine.  All machines used have access to a network share where
the PST files reside.  There are various PST files for Personnal,
Employer, Career Search, and Various non-profit organizations I work

Due to Email server storage limitations, privacy requirements and email
retention policies,  the PST files cannot import or keep in the mail
account on the mail server.  The PST files are regularly updated with
additions and removals.  I.e  Additions when a project switched from
development to production.  Removals when a project is archived.

So far, I keep several windows machines linked to the archives that can
eiter be directly access or RDP to for accessing the archives.  The
problem is that PST can be imported to Evolution,  but I have no way to
resync the changes.  I thought about using libPST to develop a script
that would regularly import/export the PST files.  Then I realized that
would be a sync issue nightmare.  

I can convert from PST files to Another file format.  It would have to
be a format that could be opened in Outlook (2013 and later). It would
also need to be a file that coule be linked (not imported) into
Evolution.  Due to personal prefences,  I would prefer a solution that
would not have licensing restrictions so I can install it in all

Looking for Suggestions and Ideas...

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