Re: [Evolution] HTML email problem

Thanks for figuring out the problem, but the sed command doesn't work
for me.

I don't have anything with a .evolution in its name.

My emails are stored in my home directory as 
~/.local/share/evolution/mail/local/.<folder name>/cur/<message>

For example "Test.pst" I sent to you shows as a folder under
"On This Computer" 
in evolution.  

It is stored as
with subfolders

Inside cur/ is a file
1578136602.6469_0.<my computer name>:2,S

If I apply your sed command to that file it does indeed fix it, but I'm
not familiar enough with sed to know how to make it find all the
occurrences in each folder recursively in
in each email and apply the fix.

Did I do something incorrectly when I set up evolution that gave me
this file structure instead of what you expected?


On Tue, 2020-01-07 at 01:21 +0100, Ángel wrote:
On 2020-01-04 at 06:45 -0500, Joe Wade Pulley wrote:
Thanks for the reply.  

I've created a Test.pst file containing 1 email in Outlook.  

I wasn't sure how to show you the way it looks for me in Evolution
so I
took a screenshot of what I see showing the header, the text
portion at
the top of the email and the beginning of the HTML display of the
at the bottom of the screen.  I also attached a pdf of what I see
Outlook.  Except for some font issues (likely not installed on
the HTML portion looks fine in Evolution.

If there is something else you need in order to see what I'm
about please let me know.


I have been able to import the email myself and reproduce the issue.

Looking at the source of the imported mail, it has the header:
Content-Type: multipart/alternate; boundary="=-

which is wrong, it should be multipart/alternative, per rfc 1341 (and
later, up to rfc 2046)

It's true that it is used to specify alternate contents, but the
name is multipart/alternative.

Reviewing the code, it is a bug of the pst importer, that sets the
to multipart/alternate rather than multipart/alternative.

I have opened bug 745 about this, along with the trivial fix as a

(hope it is right from a procedimental pov, though)

Joe, as you are using the evolution version packaged by Ubuntu 19.10
see a few options.
* You could switch to a newer version -with this bug fixed- based on
* You could try to get Ubuntu maintainers to include this fix
* You could patch your own evolution version (this is a trivial fix,
it'd be very simple)
* You could continue using the broken importer and deal with it
the imported entries later. Just running the following sed command on
the folder containing the imported files would fix them:

sed -i  '0,/^$/ { s!^Content-Type: multipart/alternate!Content-Type:
multipart/alternative! }' *.evolution:*

Kind regards

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