Re: [Evolution] HTML email problem

On 2020-01-02 at 15:08 -0500, Joe Wade Pulley via evolution-list wrote:
Andre and all,

Never mind.  I just figured out the issue.

For emails that are newly received directly from the server, there is
no problem.

The emails that have a problem as I have described are ones that I have
imported from an Outlook .pst file.

Any idea how to fix the formatting on those?  Not a big issue as I can
deal with it on an email by email basis, but if someone has solved this
before I'd appreciate any insight.



Hello Joe

It looks like emails being malformed. The divider string you see is
probably the boundary. If the email didn't properly state the boundary
it uses, it could end up being interpreted that way.
We would need to see an actual broken mail to study what is wrong with

Since it is only happening for emails imported from a pst file, it may
actually be a bug in the pst importer, that resulted in _some_ emails
being imported incorrectly.

I wouldn't be surprised if Outlook did some weird thing when saving the
emails, either.

The ideal test case would be having the original mail, a pst file
created by Outlook with that file and the resulting broken email

Obviously, don't share an email that contains anything confidential. I
can send you some test messages if you want.

Kind regards

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