Re: [Evolution] Kerberos credentials for more than e-mail with evolution-ews?

On Mon, 2020-08-31 at 09:05 -0600, Paul Graham wrote:
I see this issue even when I have just come up
from a new system startup, so there shouldn’t be any additional
evolution programs running.

there can be multiple programs/services starting the evolution-data-
server background processes. One can be evolution-alarm-notify (which
is started after login by default), another is GNOME Shell's calendar
server (if you run GNOME), other desktop environments can have their
own services running it.

the message also has the message "No response: OK".

This should not happen, it looks like a bug.

I generally have the Kerberos authentication tickets established
before running Evolution, so I don't know why I get the reconnect
messages at all--maybe some old messages or a race condition of some
sort.  It is good to know, though, that I can safely ignore them
since the connections to all of the Exchange resources seem to work
with Kerberos.

I guess that one of the aforementioned processes started after login,
and it also started evolution-source-registry, where the EWS account
tries to refresh list of available folders (being it calendars, books,
...), but it fails due to non-existent or expired Kerberos token. This
is remembered and it's waiting for a signal that the token is available
(it's waiting basically for the Reconnect, with the token available).
The Evolution (and some other applications) can respond to such
credentials requests, thus, in this case Evolution, shows the prompt
for the reconnect (it cannot ask for the Kerberos ticket directly). As
you have the valid Kerberos ticket the Reconnect should work. Depending
on the order you can reconnect with the main account source, which
spreads the good news to the other sources and the 'Reconnect' notices
will disappear on their own. In the theory.

If you want to give it a little test, then I suggest you expire your
token (`kdestroy`, or try it another day), then log in, set the
Kerberos ticket and then run from a terminal:

   $ evolution --force-shutdown

This will stop any running (background) processes, thus they will start
on demand from fresh, this time with available Kerberos ticket, thus
they should not claim any credentials-related issue. You'll see when
you run Evolution.

That being said, the background processes try to connect to the server
when the Kerberos ticket is not available yet, then it doesn't know
that the ticket is available and they keep waiting for the explicit

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