[Evolution] newbie question - many accounts, one inbox - How???

I am in the process of migrating from Mac to Linux, and the one big
thing I have been unable to find is a mail client as good as Apple's
Mail for Mac.

In particular I have several email accounts, and on the Mac you get a
single Inbox, (and a single drafts, junk, sent and trash) all listed on
the left. You can expand the inbox to show the separate inboxes for
each account (and the same for the sent, junk, trash etc) so you can
still view them separately, but the basic view combines them.

In Evolution it seems that the accounts are entirely separate and you
can't combine them functionally like on the mac.

How can I (is it even possible) set up Evolution so it works in the
same way as Mail on a Mac (which after many years of use seems
completely natural to me)?

I've looked in help, and searched through preferences, but can't find
anything useful - possibly because I don't know what evolution would
call it.

I guess it is because Linux is not written from a users point of view,
but from the computer's point of view. But in this instance the
functional sorting of all mail is a lot more usable. Mostly I don't
need to bother what account I have received the mail at (so long as if
I reply the reply comes from that account); I just want to deal with
the inbox, or check the junk, or find a mail I sent last month, without
knowing the account.

Other mail clients I have tried for Linux seem to be the same - if
Evolution can't do it can anyone recommend one that can (is there an
Apple Mail client for Linux? Since MacOS is based on Linux would Apple
Mail for MacOS actually run on Ubuntu?)

Suggestions anyone? Is there a plugin/extension/theme/whatever for
evolution that provides a functional view of mail?

Thanks for any suggestions. I really need to ditch the mac for other
reasons, but at the moment I am keeping it just to deal with email.


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