[Evolution] Kerberos credentials for more than e-mail with evolution-ews?


I have been enjoying Evolution for several years and it performs quite well with our corporate Exchange server when using the evolution-ews plugin (even when working with 10s of thousands of messages). 

When using the EWS plugin to talk to the Exchange server, I notice that e-mail seems to be retrieved with my Kerberos setup under Fedora Linux 32, but I get asked for a password when Evolution tries to access the calendar, contacts, etc.on the Exchange server.  I can tell the e-mail portion of Evolution is using Kerberos because it is actually retrieving messages before I enter in the password for the other resources.

Can Evolution use Kerberos authentication for connecting to the calendar, contacts, and other resources in Exchange?  If so, is there some setting to tell Evolution to use Kerberos for those resources as well?

Note that it must be possible generally because Outlook on the Mac uses Kerberos to retrieve all of the resources on the Exchange server (though, I don't have any idea if it is using EWS or some other protocol for the access).

By the way, I am using version 3.36.5 of Evolution and the EWS plugin for Evolution (on Fedora 32).



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