Re: [Evolution] Evolution Editor needs serious attention

On 2020-08-19 at 10:58 +0000, Van Stokes, Jr. wrote:

I was warned when I was forwarded the email address for evolution
support to not expect a very welcoming response. And they were right.
Your response is absolutely pitiful and just cements the poor
reputation the team has in the community. All you succeeded in doing
was creating another soldier that will add fire to the rumor.

You failed to comprehend that the email is from an END USER (aka
CUSTOMER) trying to explain their frustration with the product.
Instead of just asking for more details by guiding the END USER to get
the information you require, you elected to personally insult them and
condemn them for reaching out. You took the email personally as if it
was an attack against you - which it wasn't.

I don't think Andre was making an attack against you. But apparently you
think so (maybe conditioned by expecting a cold response?).

But I obviously struck a nerve because you did take it personally. You
are already aware that the editor is a disaster. Should you, or your
team, not be aware of the items I highlighted in my original email
then you don't use the application on regular basis. We (~100 people)
do use it daily. But some have grown so frustrated with the editor
that they now opt to use OWA  (Outlook Web - office365) instead. A web
application that is far more accurate and reliable.

So, I need to provide clear steps to you one on how to PASTE into the
editor? Adding a SIGNATURE to a reply with a body? Seriously?
I would think you would want to know more about my configuration, my
settings, etc.

People on this mailing list do use it on a daily basis. And it (mostly)
works for them without issues.

So, if all those 100 people have the same problem (I'd guess it is only
failing so much for _some_ of them, though), perhaps there's some common
point between all those users that make it fail on the exact version of
evolution you are using there (which you didn't even mention, our
psychic skills don't go so far). A particular piece of html signature,
perhaps, as that would be a piece common to all people on the same
company but affecting external users.

I agree that UNDO sometimes doesn't work properly. However, when I paste
some text I don't think it ever placed it somewhere else than the place
the cursor was at. Similarly, no problem inserting signatures. Are you
perhaps using the signature delimiter ("-- ", see RFC 3676) in the
middle of your body text? That might confuse evolution, as it would
think that everything below that signature marker is a signature, which
it would then replace with the new signature (or no signature at all if
changing to that).

I suggest you work on your customer relationship skills. In the
meantime, we will begin to migrate away from Evolution. Thank you for
helping us finalize our company's future email path.

This "team" will happily reimburse you of any fees it received from your
company for handling you as a customer.

Even though, as you were already told, you came asking for a better
editor and there is a newer editor that will be released next month (you
could try the new version prior to release if you wanted).
This is probably the best answer you could have dreamed of for "Please
dedicate some time and resources to addressing or replacing the editor."


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