Re: [Evolution] Evolution will send but not receive Emails

On 2020-08-10 at 19:57 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

I'm sharing POP accounts with different mailers. One of them is
Evolution. In Evolution my POP accounts are set up to delete mails
1 day from the server. Other MUAs don't delete the emails from the
server. There's no reason for a mail client to get confused.

Some providers don't support IMAP at all, see . Indeed it's not aimed for long-lasting
storage, but you don't need to delete the mails right after the mails
were retrieved.

Sharing emails of a POP account with several MUAs does not cause any

At least Claws, Sylpheed, Evolution and iPad Mail can be used for this


There's no reason for a mail client to be confused... as long as the
server also follows the rules. It's a really simple protocol that should
not cause problems. However, some servers (Gmail and Outlook, typically)
provide a POP interface where they try to outsmart the protocol, and may
cause interesting interactions: when the client asks to DELE a message,
they don't really delete it from their storage, the view of messages
presented via POP is a partial set of the available one... (I think they
follow some internal heuristic on how long you might want to access old

That said, OP provider seem to be an old school POP server that is
unlikely to do funky things.

Slightly aside, on the topic of email deletion and long-lasting storage,
there is a 1986 US Law, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act[1],
under which "email that is stored on a third party's server for more
than 180 days is considered to be abandoned" and can be accessed by a
law enforcement agency without a warrant. The Email Privacy Act
attempted to change this but so far this bill did not manage to pass
both chambers. [2]
Thus, it would seem that the traditional approach of POP3 download would
be preferable from a privacy point of view, particularly for email
providers located in the US (which are probably defeated by such "smart"
POP3 servers). I'm not sure how it's applied by providers with a global
presence on multiple jurisdictions.

Best regards


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