Re: [Evolution] Evolution will send but not receive Emails

On 8/10/20 9:32 AM, John Nice via evolution-list wrote:
No, it's just a vanilla isp, usses POP port 110 no encryption

You can run Evolution with debugging to view the POP commands used. If you understand POP that might help you.

Otherwise, if you are using POP with leaving email on server, I have seen that screw up several email clients, not just Evolution. POP is simply not intended to be used as a permanent email store for multiple clients. Clients get confused when other clients change the mailbox.

Or it can go the other way. I believe it was one of the Microsoft mail clients that repeatedly fetched ALL of the POP messages in order to verify that it already had copies in the local storage. Every time that it synced. It didn't lose track of messages but it did use hundreds and hundreds of megabytes of unnecessary data traffic.

If POP is all that you have, I strongly recommend setting up an IMAP server and doing a full fetch and delete of your email from your ISP POP into it on a schedule. Then point all your email clients at the IMAP service.

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