Re: [Evolution] Evolution will send but not receive Emails

On Mon, 2020-08-10 at 09:45 -0600, Zan Lynx wrote:
Otherwise, if you are using POP with leaving email on server, I have 
seen that screw up several email clients, not just Evolution. POP is 
simply not intended to be used as a permanent email store for multiple 
clients. Clients get confused when other clients change the mailbox.


I'm sharing POP accounts with different mailers. One of them is
Evolution. In Evolution my POP accounts are set up to delete mails after
1 day from the server. Other MUAs don't delete the emails from the
server. There's no reason for a mail client to get confused.

Some providers don't support IMAP at all, see . Indeed it's not aimed for long-lasting
storage, but you don't need to delete the mails right after the mails
were retrieved.

Sharing emails of a POP account with several MUAs does not cause any

At least Claws, Sylpheed, Evolution and iPad Mail can be used for this


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