Re: [Evolution] Evolution will send but not receive Emails

On 2020-08-10 at 09:45 -0600, Zan Lynx wrote:
On 8/10/20 9:32 AM, John Nice via evolution-list wrote:
No, it's just a vanilla isp, usses POP port 110 no encryption

You can run Evolution with debugging to view the POP commands used. If
you understand POP that might help you.

Adding the missing bits, in order to view the POP communication, you
should launch evolution with the variable CAMEL_DEBUG=pop3, e.g. from a
 CAMEL_DEBUG=pop3 evolution

(redirect to a file, etc. at wish)

see for more general

Actually, as there is no encryption, a packet sniffer like wireshark
should also be able to show you the full communication. In fact, I
wonder if your troubles might be related to evolution not liking to send
the credentials over a channel with no encryption (did it ask for your
pop password? AFAIK, it will store separately the POP3 and SMTP ones).

Best regards and welcome to the club

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