[Evolution] Ubuntu 20.04 and Evolution


I left the Windows OS after some 30 years and am in the final stages of setup. I installed Evolution and imported my Outlook database into it.

I have several email accounts in use (my wife and I are sharing one computer). Those accounts are set into a Unified inbox.

All the accounts, including my Gmail account are set as POP accounts, by choice. I tried to find answers in the documentation, but am left with 3 open questions:

1) How to setup HTML as default
2) How to get Evolution to remove all deleted items from the Trash folder Automatically upon exiting. In Outlook, this was my setup, now, I forget to do it manually each time.
3) At installation time, I created all my email accounts, including my Gmail account, they are all listed under the 'Accounts' header. But, my Gmail account has also an extra entry at the end and it seems to be default for new messages, crafts etc... How can I get rid of this?

Looking forward to your feedback

Thank you

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