Re: [Evolution] Evolution will send but not receive Emails

On Mon, 2020-08-10 at 14:56 +0100, John Nice via evolution-list wrote:
I am a very new Linux user.  Decades ago I was an HP-UX sysadmin, but
starting again I went the Zorin route and I'm very happy.

I very much like Evolution.  It's a suite of useful functions and I've
enjoyed getting to know it.  BUT, I can't manage to receive POP3 Emails.
My ISP's requirements are pretty basic and I had no trouble receiving on
sylpheed, but Evolution will send with no problems but not receive.  It's a
basic setup, port 110, no encryption, authentication by password, dead
simple.  I know there's unread undelivered traffic by looking at web
access, but while sylpheed will grab it evolution won't.

Please, any ideas??

You don't say what version of Evolution this is. See Help->About.


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