Re: [Evolution] Evolution version 3.28.5 - how to recover deleted messages

On Thu, 05 Sep 2019 23:54:22 +0200, Ángel wrote:
However, I think it is worth looking at the account from the webmail
interface, in case they may be recovered from there. Bruno (or Mara?)
seems to be using a gmail account. We all know that Gmail works a bit
If using it as an IMAP account, it may be possible that the deleted are
still available in the Trash folder from Gmail web interface (I don't
know how it handles such deletion).
In case it was a POP3 account, Gmail usually keeps the mail at the
server (POP3 DELE simply marks it to not show again for POP download).

Some other providers, e.g. Zoho, keep sent as well as received messages
of POP accounts on the server side, too. I don't know for how long
they do so, since I log in regularly, to completely delete those mails.
Btw. I also regularly backup all data and even the whole installs on my
machine on external HDDs, by rotating the HDDs used for those backups.
In the future the OP should consider to find an appropriate backup
strategy, too. However, for the moment I suspect that the only
solution to get back some of the older mails is very time consuming and
very, very annoying,
. File recovery is a PITA to do, but it could be done even by
inexperienced computer users, willing to read, it's just absolutely no
fun to do it and you unlikely get back all emails.

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