[Evolution] Evolution version 3.28.5 - how to recover deleted messages


I'm not used to speak or write in English, so I beg your pardon for my mistakes...

I was trying to order my e-mails with Evolution, and I deleted definitely a folder. After that I didn't found most of my e-mails (even those that I had put in specific folders to archive them). I'm relating to more than one year o e-mail...
Is it possible to recover these e-mails in some way?

I specify that I've looked for the e-mail everywhere (either in the e-mail account Google mail).

Thanks a lot.

Mara for Bruno Salvadori

ESSEBI di Salvadori Bruno

Via Zero Branco 127

31021 Mogliano Veneto (TV)

mail: essebi966 gmail com

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