Re: [Evolution] Evolution version 3.28.5 - how to recover deleted messages

On Tue, 2019-09-03 at 18:11 +0200, essebi di salvadori bruno via
evolution-list wrote:
Is it possible to recover these e-mails in some way?

here's where evolution stores its data:

Note those are private application directories and data, users should
not touch them usually. For IMAP and other remote accounts
~/.cache/evolution/mail/ is the directory where accounts store their
mails and folder hierarchy and such. The On This Computer and other
local mail accounts store the data in ~/.local/share/evolution/mail/.

Deleted messages usually end in the Trash folder for that specific
account, being it virtual or real folder (in case of IMAP). With
deleted folders, well, it looks like it deletes the folder and the
content of it irrecoverably. The IMAP deletes also the obsolete cache

I'm afraid your messages from the deleted folder are gone. I'm sorry.


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