Re: [Evolution] How to automatically obtain PGP keys for e-mail recipients? (key discovery)

Hello Milan,

On Mon, 2019-10-14 at 14:56 +0200, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
You can change the /usr/bin/gpg with a script which will log how it
is called [1], to see the difference, if any. 

This is a good idea. And indeed I was able to spot something

So the call recorded is (modifications applied):

        gpg --verbose --no-secmem-warning --no-greeting --no-tty \
                --batch --yes --encrypt --armor --always-trust \
                -u 6CBE7F49 -r "<edward-en fsf org>" -r 6CBE7F49 \
                --output -

Please note that I have prefixed the raw log with "gpg" and I had to
quote the email address as else the angles would be recognized as
redirectors. Also I had to remove `--status-fd=68` for testing.

When I call the above I get the following error:

        gpg: <edward-en fsf org>: skipped: No public key

With trial and error I found that this works:

        gpg --verbose --no-secmem-warning --no-greeting --no-tty \
                --batch --yes --encrypt --armor --always-trust \
                -u 6CBE7F49 -r "edward-en fsf org" -r 6CBE7F49 \
                --output -

Note: The only difference is that I have removed the *angle brackets*
on the email address!

I was able to reproduce the behavior above with a minimal set of
arguments. The only difference are the angle brackets. I also tried
with backslashes instead of quotes to escape the angles; no difference.

So I checked: I have not given angle brackets in the GUI of the
Evolution email composer. They have been added by Evolution.

Also in the manual of GnuPG it specified to usually use left and right
angles for used IDs [5]. So Evolution does apply the specified gpg

It seems like there is a bug in GnuPG 2.1.18 which has not been fully 
resolved [6]?



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