Re: [Evolution] viewing deleted messages

On Thu, 2019-11-21 at 08:34 -0600, Japhering, Anonymous via evolution-
list wrote:
Now with this flatpak build, the deleted message remains viewable for
about 60 seconds before being removed
from the current folder even though I'm still in the folder.

that's a feature and it's there for several releases. There is no UI to
change it currently, but you can edit corresponding .source file in:


or with your Flatpak version probably in:


and change the StoreChangesInterval from its current value (mine
says 3) into the desired. It's in seconds and if I'm not mistaken,
then 0 means "do not do it".

On the other hand, 60 seconds doesn't sound like it, maybe you have set
"Check for new messages" interval to 60 second?

Follow on question, are bugs in the flatpak version tracked in the
standard Gitlab tracker or does it go into a
flatpak tracker somewhere else ?

It depends on the bug itself. You can always start with GNOME's GitLab
instance [1]. The worst case is that you'd be redirected elsewhere.



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