Re: [Evolution] Office 365 - EWS Questions

On Sun, 2019-11-24 at 01:52 +0000, Sajan Parikh wrote:
Main one, there is a folder with the name of some hash it looks like
and I can't do anything with it. Can't delete it, move it, rename it,
nothing. Where is this coming from and how can I hide it in Evolution
or correct the source? Here is a screenshot.

Next question, I have 3 additional folders, 'RSS Feeds', 'Social
Activity Notifications', and 'Sync Issues' (which has its own
subfolders). How can I hide them from my view?

all of those Mail folders are reported by the server, thus they are
shown. Maybe login to the Outlook Web Access (OWA) URL of the server and hide/remove them from there.

The last three are standard folders, maybe you'd not be able to hide
them. The hash-like folder I see for the first time. Some similar had
been reported by the address book, but those are hidden since, hmm, I
do not know, probably 3.30 or so, maybe sooner, maybe later.

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