[Evolution] Options for automatically setting up accounts / preseeding / autoconfig?


I work in the IT team at a large company which is in the process of moving to office365 and we plan to provide Evolution to our Linux users (who want a desktop mail client).        Ideally we'd set things up so that new users on our machines launching Evolution (3.34.1) would automatically have our office365 account settings entered (which a little long winded since we are using oauth).

I've been reading the evolution docs and the history of this list but I can't find any mention of a way of preseeding account setup in evolution.        Either by creating local config files or setting up webservices (e.g. I'm looking for options like Thunderbirds autoconfig https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Thunderbird/Autoconfiguration
 but for evolution).

Does such a feature exist for evolution?   Or is our only option to set up some sort of wrapper script.  That directly creates the configuration files via shell commands prior to running the real evolution command?


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