Re: [Evolution] Problems with gnome-keyring-daemon when using local and through x2go

On Mon, 2019-11-04 at 16:21 -0600, Daffy Duck wrote:
Tried that on the local machine.  It still does't fix it :(

how precisely do you run gnome-keyring-daemon? The same way as when you
run it in the x2go/VNC session?

My desktop environment runs gnome-keyring-daemon after start like this:

   $ /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --daemonize --login

You might want to add that --replace argument as well. And it's still
not that easy, because to have the login keyring unlocked automatically
you also need to provide the password to unlock it, which the desktop
environment does on its own somehow (I do not know how it's done).

By the way, "it doesn't work", what exactly does that mean? No password
shown at all, or the login/default keyring is locked and you are asked
for a password? What if you run seahorse, does it not show anything?

Anyway, this is clearly gnome-keyring issue and I'm no expert of it,
I'm sorry. I do not want to mislead you in a wrong direction. I'm only
giving you some ideas I'd try myself.

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