Re: [Evolution] Flatpak build hanging when sending attachments

On Mon, 2019-11-04 at 20:55 -0600, Japhering, Anonymous via evolution-
list wrote:
For example, I just tried to email an xlsx file and a pdf ( 11KB and
6MB, respectively. For the last 15 minutes,
Evolution has been stuck with the message " Waiting for attachments
to load..."

it looks like some issue with the portal, which provides host-system
files to the flatpak. I think there had been something similar reported
somewhere, but I do not recall any detail, I'm sorry.

So which DEBUG_CAMEL variable will be the most beneficial in tracking
this down ?

I do not think there is anything, this part doesn't contain specific

Alternatively, how do I completely remove all the flatpak bits and
pieces for a clean reinstall ?

The page you used to build the flatpak version contains some such
information too. If you mean the files from the Evolution run, then it
depends on the flatpak itself. I have them in
but your flatpak can be configured differently. These are low-level
things of flatpak itself, not influenced by any flatpak-application.

I doubt deleting those files will help though.

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