[Evolution] Problems with gnome-keyring-daemon when using local and through x2go


1. Evolution works fine locally, in terms of accessing passwords.

2. When I connect to my machine with x2go or vnc, it could not access
the default keyring, resulting in no accounts working.

3. x2go mailing list said the solution for this was to run this:

gnome-keyring-daemon --replace –components=secrets

4. This finally solved my problem!  BUT, now the local machine has the same problem that x2go previously had, 
in terms of not being able to access the default keyring

5. After rebooting the local machine, which is the only solution I can find, things work normally locally 
again, UNTIL I connect with x2go and run 
gnome-keyring-daemon --replace –components=secrets

Please, there must be an easy way to be able to use evolution from both machines?

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