Re: [Evolution] How often should I expect OAuth2 authentication to fail ?


On Thu, 2019-06-20 at 12:22 -0500, Japhering wrote:
I configured Oauth2 in Google Cloud Platform Console (created the
token/key pair ).

Hmm, I meant where you configured the Google (IMAP/SMTP) account,
whether directly in Evolution, or in some 3rd-party software. Evolution
itself asks for the token when the account is created, if the account
is configured in Evolution directly.

Then I configured Evolution to us Oauth2 for both sending/receiving
email with StartTLS after connecting set.

The setting for Gmail is:
   Port: 993
   Encryption: TLS on a dedicated port
   Authentication: OAuth2 (Google)

With this it works properly for me, at least.

So since 14/6/19, I haven't been able to connect with Oauth2.  When I
do get an error message it is the "Failed to authenticate: Data
“<email address>” does not support OAuth 2.0 authentication" message.

Could you search in ~/.config/evolution/sources/ for all .source files
which contain the email address from the error message, and see what
value a Method key of an [Authentication] section of those files is set
to, please? It might be like this:


where the 'Method=Google' means "OAuth2 against a Google server".
Having the account configured with GNOME Online Accounts, it would be
'Method=OAuth2'. There are some restrictions on the OAuth2 for accounts
configured in Evolution, it requires evolution-data-server to be
compiled with that enabled. When it is, a web page with login to the
Google server is shown when the token expires.

Any changes in those underlying files might be done when the 
evolution-source-registry process is not running, which can be tricky
to achieve in certain situations (under certain desktop environments).
You can run that process from a terminal too, maybe it writes something
interesting there.

I saw some issues in Bugzilla that suggested it might be related to
bug in the version I'm using so I built the 3.30 version of the
flatpak based on the info on the Evolution-flatpak page.

Current stable series is 3.32. Why did you build 3.30? At least the
steps described here:
are referring to Evolution 3.32 series. You do not need to compile it,
though, as you can get quite recent version from Flathub too.

Same failure to connect but NO error messages or dialogs.

You can verify you run correct version in Help->About of the Evolution.
Maybe, the page mentions 3.30 of the GNOME Platform/SDK, but it doesn't
claim what version of Evolution it actually builds, which may be

P.S.: Feel free to reply only to the list (Ctrl+L in Evolution), I am
subscribed and I do reply to your messages through the list, not to you
directly, too.

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