Re: [Evolution] How often should I expect OAuth2 authentication to fail ?

On Thu, 2019-06-20 at 13:44 +0200, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
On Wed, 2019-06-19 at 16:38 -0500, Japhering wrote:

   Failed to authenticate: Data source “<email address>” does not
support OAuth 2.0 authentication

that's an error message from evolution(-data-server). I'm not sure
whether you configured the account directly in Evolution, or through
GNOME (or Ubuntu) Online accounts. There had been some race
involved when evolution-source-registry considered what
method respective accounts should use (mostly related to Online
Accounts and Collection accounts (like if you configured Gmail in
Evolution and enabled to add also calendars and contacts at the

I configured Oauth2 in Google Cloud Platform Console (created the
token/key pair ).

Then I configured Evolution to us Oauth2 for both sending/receiving
email with StartTLS after connecting set.  Everything was running
smoothly, minus the daily headache of the initial connection in the
morning and then again about 8 hours later.  (this account is still on 
pop with login/password).

So since 14/6/19, I haven't been able to connect with Oauth2.  When I
do get an error message it is the "Failed to authenticate: Data source
“<email address>” does not support OAuth 2.0 authentication" message.

I saw some issues in Bugzilla that suggested it might be related to bug
in the version I'm using so I built the 3.30 version of the flatpak
based on the info on the Evolution-flatpak page.  Same failure to
connect but NO error messages or dialogs.

DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa"
NAME="Linux Mint"
VERSION="19.1 (Tessa)"
Linux 4.15.0-52-generic x86_64

Same architecture and kernel versions on both boxes.

P.S.: Searching on Google with "evolution Data source does not
OAuth 2.0 authentication" gives some results. I didn't look at them,
but, sometimes, one can reach related information easier this way,
asking. Sometimes.

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