Re: [Evolution] How often should I expect OAuth2 authentication to fail ?

On Wed, 2019-06-19 at 16:38 -0500, Japhering wrote:
   Failed to authenticate: Data source “<email address>” does not
support OAuth 2.0 authentication

that's an error message from evolution(-data-server). I'm not sure
whether you configured the account directly in Evolution, or through
GNOME (or Ubuntu) Online accounts. There had been some race conditions
involved when evolution-source-registry considered what authentication
method respective accounts should use (mostly related to Online
Accounts and Collection accounts (like if you configured Gmail in
Evolution and enabled to add also calendars and contacts at the end)).
This is fixed in more recent versions for sure (otherwise there would
be people complaining).

P.S.: Searching on Google with "evolution Data source does not support
OAuth 2.0 authentication" gives some results. I didn't look at them,
but, sometimes, one can reach related information easier this way, than
asking. Sometimes.

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