Re: [Evolution] Evolution & gmail (imap) folder sync issues

Thank you. Nice to know I am not alone.
I have fixed it for me, but a proper solution is welcomed, THANK YOU. I shall look forward to the new release being offered in my distro, hopefully soon.

Thank you for your help too.



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Subject: Re: [Evolution] Evolution & gmail (imap) folder sync issues
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On Tue, 2019-07-09 at 16:30 +0100, Jonathan Harrison via evolution-list 
c. It makes filling difficult when using, for instance, the name of a
company and that company spells its name with a "&". Then it may
become difficult to find.

I guess you face [1]. The fix for it was added into
evolution-data-server 3.32.3+. When you update to it (and restart
Evolution), it'll start working properly.


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