Re: [Evolution] password requests by the dozen

On Wed, 2019-02-06 at 15:25 -0500, Garrett Mitchener wrote:
I'm using Fedora 29



This account uses ews.

I know of a password issue in evolution-mapi, which is fixed in 3.30.5,
but not of anything like that in evolution-ews. Or at least I do not
recall any fix in evolution-ews for similar thing. You use basically
the latest version of evolution-ews, thus you'd have any such change. 

The address books are things like: Companies, Contacts,
ExternalContacts, GAL Contacts, Global Address List, ...

The calendars are things like Birthdays, Calendar, department, ...

The connector checks which sources are available and auto-add them,
thus they can be used. What is advertised depends on the server. You
can disable some of them in Edit->Accounts (to completely hide them
form the UI), but I'm afraid, in case of MAPI and EWS, it won't survive
machine restart. You can disable their usage in certain parts of
evolution in Edit->Preferences->Contacts and in Edit->Preferences-
Calendar and Tasks->Reminders and unselect calendars, memo lists and
task lists in respective views, though you'll still see them in the
tree of the sources on the left.

There used to be shown books whose name looked like UUID in evolution-
ews, which are skipped sine some version - I didn't know what version
you use, thus I couldn't know whether it's it or anything else.

Out of interest, do you know what the server version is, please?
Different Exchange server versions report different "automatic" sources
(the UUID-like books had been added in 2013, if I recall correctly).

In any case, the password issue sounds like a bug. Would you mind to
file it [1], please? Ideally with some steps. I didn't try to reproduce
it myself. Similarly with the Edit->Accounts thing mentioned above,
also under [1], if it misbehaves as I guessed above.
        Thanks and bye,


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