[Evolution] password requests by the dozen

I'm using Evolution at work where we use Exchange. Up until a couple of versions ago, things worked pretty well. However, sometime maybe in the last year, something changed in Evolution and dealing with passwords has become even more of a nightmare than my IT department already makes it. Here's what happens.

I change my main password.

Evolution figures out that I need to enter a new password to get to my mail.

It then asks for the new password for each and every calendar attached to my account.

It then asks for the new password for each and every address book attached to my account.

And for reasons that I can't get into, there are about a dozen each of address books and calendars that our system automatically subscribes me to, and I can't just get rid of them.

So I end up typing my same new password over and over and over, all for the same Exchange account.

Is there any way you could restore some sanity to this process and not require me to type the password separate for every single thing attached to my one Exchange account?

-- GM

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