Re: [Evolution] Spam Filter Problems

On Wed, 2019-02-06 at 14:25 -0800, Douglas Summers wrote:
said what mail protocol you're using, though for a Hotmail account I
assume it's POP. In which case all of your mail is coming into your
This Computer folder unless your input filters move it somewhere else
(which is what the spam filters do of course). Note that you can
configure the (local) spam filter to pay attention to the spam
indication coming from the server.

I'm using EWS on one account and IMAPX on the other; both are addresses, but I only need emails on one of them (IMAPX).

Check the settings under Preferences-><account>->Receiving Options. You
can (separately) turn on or off filtering and junk processing for all
folders or only for the Inbox. If only the Inbox is being looked at,
anything put in a folder at the server end will not be further


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