Re: [Evolution] IMAP problems evolution 3.30.1-1build1

On Sat, 2018-11-10 at 19:31 -0500, Dr. John H. Lauterbach wrote:
Is the following a correct course of action to solve the problem?

I'm sorry to ask, but what does "the problem" mean here, please? Does
it have anything to do with the other thread you've opened, named "Mail
authentication request"? Knowing what "the problem" is might help to
identify the cause and eventually fix it and/or guide you in the right

For example, some errors are not getting it to the GUI, they are
printed only on the console, thus try to run evolution from a terminal
and watch it for any issue. If you want to see some debugging,
especially what evolution sent to the server and what the server
responded, then run evolution from a terminal like this:

   $ CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution

Being it about that "Mail authentication request", you might see some
"LOGIN" attempts around the time when the password prompt opens.
Evolution asks for credentials only if the server responded that the
credentials are wrong. There had been some issues with it in the past,
but I believe the 3.30.1 might have them all fixed. There had been
semi-related issue fixed for 3.30.2:
but I doubt it's what you face (there is required server reachability
change to reproduce it).

If you think an IMAP account is corrupted, then close evolution and
delete its local cache from ~/.cache/evoluton/mail/<account-uid>/ .
Evolution will recreate t the next time you run it. It'll mean that all
the server-side data which had been in the cache are downloaded again.
Also custom folder properties can be lost with this cache refresh. On
the other hand it works the same as doing a backup and restore from it,
because backup also doesn't save data from the ~/.cache/ (because it
reflects server-side data, thus there is (usually) no need for it).

P.S.: by the way, are you aware that your HTML mail has set a gray
color for the text, thus it's kind of harder to read (definitely harder
than pure black text color) and a similar color is used to "lowlight"
quoted text, thus all of it looks like a quotation, only without the
leading ">" or the HTML bar "|"? I do not know, maybe you've it this
way on purpose. I'm mentioning it here just in case you might not
intent to have it that way.

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