[Evolution] IMAP problems evolution 3.30.1-1build1

I set up evolution 3.30.1-1build1 on another PC that I had just upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 18,10. I added all my email accounts as IMAP and they all ran fine together just as they do under another popular email program.

The IMAP problem exists with both the evolution on my PC and the evolution on my secretary's PC. They have been around for several updates in evolution and the underlying Ubuntu OS. Both of them have the same problem when you add second IMAP account. Since they have different folders and the number of e-mails in each folder (one folder for each client, and one folder for each vendor or professional society), I suspect that something in the evolution code is corrupt and not the database folders.

Is the following a correct course of action to solve the problem?

1. Back up evolution data files onto a USB hard drive using the Back Up Evolution Data function.
2. Totally remove evolution from the system.
3. Reinstall evolution and set up all e-mail accounts as IMAP. 
4. If they all work together, restore the data files.

If the above steps are the correct ones and I still have problems, what do I do next?

Thank you,


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