Re: [Evolution] Question on searching within current folder

On Sat, 2018-11-10 at 12:27 -0600, Chris Pollock via evolution-list
but it won't highlight LaserJet or HP.

after a brief testing and a look into the code I see that words entered
as part of the Advanced Search are not considered for highlight at all.
Evolution highlights only words which are part of the Search entry. In
your case, instead of using the Advanced Search, click the magnifier
icon and pick either Message Contains or Body Contains option from the

The other problem is that the body is searched for the text in lower
case, but without letting the search case insensitively. Thus the
"LaserJet" is made "laserjet" and the WebKitGTK+ doesn't find it, due
to incorrect settings used by Evolution. I fixed that for 3.31.3+ and
3.30.3+ with [1].


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