Re: [Evolution] Evolution Suddenly Won't Open

On Tue, 2018-05-08 at 16:35 -0400, wmichaelb fuse net wrote:
(evolution:10702): e-data-server-WARNING **:
Error opening directory '/usr/lib/evolution-data-server/credential-
modules': No such file or directory

that warning itself is harmless, the directory can be missing when
evolution-data-server is compiled without GNOME|Ubuntu Online Accounts
support, which are the only two modules installing anything there
(which I'm aware of). The warning is gone in 3.26/3.28, it had been
shown (and misleading) also in the flatpak build.

When you run evolution from the command line as you did, does it stop
shortly afterwards, or it is left running after that warning? In case
it stops, it can be that there is another evolution running in the
background and it tries to activate it. See what is running with:

   $ ps ax | grep evolution

You can see multiple evolution-related process, but you should see none
 'evolution' itself. If you do, either run:

   $ evolution --quit

or kill it with:

   $ kill -TERM `pidof evolution`

In case the evolution being run from the command line is waiting for
something, you can see what it does when you get a backtrace of it,
like with this gdb command:

   $ gdb --batch --ex "t a a bt" -pid=`pidof evolution`

From what I recall, it can be stuck in glib type initialization or
waiting on a response from evolution-source-registry, though the later
timeouts in several seconds and shows a message in GUI about it. You
can retry with:

   $ evolution --force-shutdown ; sleep 2; evolution

which will restart also background processes, but if the evolution is
stuck, then the backtrace will show where and eventually also why.

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