Re: [Evolution] Timezone Mixup with Outlook

On 2018-04-04 at 21:43 +0200, Michael Hirmke wrote:
Reading this bug report/feature request, I'm not 100% convinced, that
it is the same problem, but is really close.

I think the OP issue is one of those bugs I have basically identified
but "pending to verify whether they are still present in a non-ancient
version" before reporting.

The issue is as follows:

When Outlook sends an invite, it disregards the DST.
(It even includes a line saying, the invite time is in X timezone, but I
am not taking Daylight saving into account, so the time I am giving you
may be wrong)

Evolution parses that DST is not set and has no problems handling it.

When Evolution sends and invite, it is using the actual time. However,
Outlook (Exchange?) disregards that the invite has DST in effect and
treats it as if it wasn't, filling it an hour later than intended by the
It ends up being quite confusing.

So, half of the year they interoperate correctly, while the other half
(when DST is in effect) they dont't.

NB: the original mail was sent the day Europe switches to Summer time,
and the reference to "sending the UTC time" makes me think he is in a
GMT timezone (ie. in UTC+1 during summertime).

Bug 793915 is about the way the timezone is shown in the Reply line, so
it's a completely different bug.

Best regards

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