Re: [Evolution] Unable to encrypt outgoing emails

On 2018-04-30 at 14:22 +0530, Edward Torvalds wrote:
I have imported my private and public keys in GPG. Have entered
'OpenPGP key' in settings and have trusted my own keys. I have also
made sure that my keys aren't expired.

Still can't figure out why I am getting this error. Please I need help
me out.
If I am missing any information required to solve this issue please
pardon me, and let me know. Thanks...

You have a key in your keyring that purportedly belongs to your friend,
but there is no assurance that this is indeed the case (anyone can
generate a PGP key stating any email address it wants).

Option 1:
Ensure that the is verifiable through the Web of Trust starting from
from your own PGP key.

Option 2:
Configure evolution not to check that and instead assume that if you
have a OpenPGP key in your keyring for a given email, it should encrypt
the messages for that recipient using that key:
Edit → Preferences → (Choose your account) → Edit → Security → Check
Always trust keys in my keyring when encrypting

Best regards

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