Re: [Evolution] public folder calendars

On Sat, 2018-07-28 at 19:32 -0500, tom via evolution-list wrote:
The steps you describe are for sharing calendars, not for using
public ones, so no love there.

Public Folders are available through Folder->Subscriptions of your EWS
account. You get list of configured Public Folders and just
check/uncheck those you are interested in. It works as long as Public
Folders are properly setup on the server (it's the server which
provides the list of Public Folders).

If I can see it in a web browser, it has to have a url, right?

Yes, but OWA is not EWS, neither CalDAV is EWS. Those are different
protocols, thus use different rules. Do not worry.
        Hope it helps and bye,

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