Re: [Evolution] public folder calendars

On Sat, 2018-07-28 at 08:51 -0500, tom via evolution-list wrote:
Thanks, yeah, it's an exchange thing. I've been to the link you
provided.  I think I need urls that point to the calendars I want to
see. Also, apologies: I've always thought of Evolution as an Outlook
clone, and not so much a general email client, so I assumed that
you'd just know what I was talking about...

I think you do Evolution a great disservice by dismissing it as "an
Outlook clone".  If anything the addition of the ability to handle
Exchange accounts, along with all their oddness, is very much a later
addon. (And I remember far enough back in the Ximian days about how
much people disliked such integration with MS systems and how much Evo
wasn't supposed to be an Outlook clone.)

And to answer your question - go to the mail window, right click on the
Exchange account you setup and select "Subscribe to folder of another
user ..." and put in the information you need. Yes, you can select
calendars from there as well. 


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