Re: [Evolution] all of my archived emails dissapeared

On Thu, 2018-07-19 at 18:49 +0100, Richard Bown wrote:
Filters are boolean , so you cant use "maybe"


a combination of filters and their order could be a quite complex

Each single filter could be either any of the conditions or all the
conditions of the filter, unless a filter doesn't fit in one way or the
other, the next filter gets processed. Actually the filter even could be
able to learn, since you could pipe to one program after the other. A
program able to learn not necessarily has to fit to a definition of AI,
but if you like, you even could pipe to a AI software.

FWIW you even could "mis"use bogofilter. Instead of using it to handle
junk and spam mail, use it to teach it, how to detect mail that is very
tricky to sort by other filter rules.

Keep in mind, all software is based on binary code. A bit (binary digit)
just could be 0 or 1. The Boolean data type has one of two possible
values, but you could use operations of Boolean algebra to process the
results of several filters.

Perhaps one day we will have AI filters , then you could filter on the
perceived IQ of the poster, then you can filter on dumb, dumber and

or you reconsider that the rest of the world does not want to fit to
your idleness. Consider to take the learning curve, to get the skills to
write the filters you need, to satisfy your needs. Neither AI is able,
nor Mr. Einstein or Mr. Hawking were able to read your mind.
"Intelligence" doesn't solve issues caused by inaction, you need to
become active in tackling a problem.

Also consider that preserving existing pigeon holes could be
counterproductive. Instead of filtering by using existing pigeon holes,
it could be better to restructure the pigeon holes in combination with
developing filters.


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