Re: [Evolution] all of my archived emails dissapeared

I think better would be to make it apply to all folders, it would make
searching quicker, just then a case on moving down the folder tree.

Oh I would hate that and I really don't think it would make searching
any quicker and would slow everything down.  I have some massive
folders that are not usually searched for anything so aren't cached -
it would frustrate me no end if I happen to have searched for something
and change folders, for it to then to start downloading everything.

My folders are also very specific in what they hold - a search in one
folder would just not be applicable to another. And I also quite like
the fact that a search in a folder is sticky - I can look for
something when replying to another email and know the same search
results will be there even if I look for something different in another

Your use case of not knowing where an email might be is exactly why
there is the "Current Account" option in the search.


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