Re: [Evolution] Filtering Emails.... ( Richard)

Sorta  : copy all new incoming to a local folder
filter on recipient , if contains @hotmail   pipe to external program

then with the external program see if the body  has been received .
if already received delete it, if not return it to EVO
Probably the easiest way to return it to Evo would be to use a local
smtp server to send it again to you IMAP account , but not the
one , or you will have a loop.

Or the even simpler solution , just have one mail account for your
self, or if you really insist on having multiple accounts , pick the
most reliable and forward everything else to that one



I sort of took the wussy way out of it since I do not understand what
you said above. I just logged into that hotmail account and set up a
rule if email is from company company com then delete message

But there's GOT TO BE like an easier way of doing filtering in EVO

Type of Filter: Inbound

For accounts: All Accounts

if from company company com

and sent to ME MSN com

Then mark as read

and then move to deleted folder


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