Re: [Evolution] About the off topic stuff

2018-07-13 21:26 GMT+02:00, Ralf Mardorf <silver bullet zoho com>:

off-topic stuff should indeed be as short as possible, but IMO it still
wasn't much off-topic noise.
Hints regarding HTML, email nettiquette, absurd disclaimer and similar
signatures etc. are sometimes welcome.

Just a follow-up on this from me too, as I was thinking the same
thing, i.e. I like to read some aspects about email which I'm
interested into but I don't know deeply. From this point of view, the
evo users list doesn't seem to me a bad place.

Perhaps some of us are
hypersensitive geeks with an educational mandate and/or we are dinos who
like to add some anecdotes from time to time ;).
...and I may be one of them ;-)


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