[Evolution] About the off topic stuff

Hi Ya'll,

I have a question about off topic stuff.

I know some message boards, that i have been on in the past that allow some off topic talk, but to a certain extent. And then you're forced to take it 1 on 1.

Why do they allow it to a certain point, and then you're forced to take it 1 on 1? ( private email to private email). For etiquette purposes of course.

Like, wouldn't it be better to just email that person directly at their personal address that's in their signature?

For example:

Ralf going on / questioning my disclaimer on my outbound messages... Wouldn't it of been better to just email me chris cwm030 com and talk to me about that subject there, than to post it to the group?

The reason I ask is because I was once in a Eudora email group and off topic chatter was kind of okay, as long as it didn't go on and on to keep from polluting the message thread / the problem someone was having at hand....That way when people down the road that come across this thread, they don't have to weed out the off topic messages about my disclaimer, or talking in caps etc.

I do not have thunderbird set to move emails sent off email group / off topic emails sent to the junk folder. If an email gets downloaded and it says in the subject

From: Mr XYZ Jones

Subject: [Evolution] [ Off Topic] about you using caps


From: Mr XYZ Jones

Subject: [Evolution] [ Off Topic] about that disclaimer message you have on all of your outgoing messages

OF COURSE! I am going to open the email and reply to you personally off the message board. Because, I don't want to get in trouble for cluttering up the email thread about someone's issue, that later on down the line someone might read this and just want to know the solution to fix the same problem I am having.

Thank you, take care, and all of the best! 

My main email address is: chris cwm030 com		

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