Re: [Evolution] About the off topic stuff

Hi Ya'll,
I have a question about off topic stuff.
I know some message boards, that i have been on in the past that
allow some off topic talk, but to a certain extent. And then you're
forced to take it 1 on 1.
Why do they allow it to a certain point, and then you're forced to
take it 1 on 1? ( private email to private email). For etiquette
purposes of course. 
Like, wouldn't it be better to just email that person directly at
their personal address that's in their signature?

*Personally* I think this is a low volume mailing list, a little drift
off topic is not a problem, especially as the application it is about
makes it so easy to filter on mailing list so it keeps everything in
one place.

The stuff about the disclaimer sig is actually not too far off topic
either so it's not, in my view, a problem.  I might take a different
view if someone started spouting politics.


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