Re: [Evolution] unable to properly use evolution with microsoft and google mail

On Monday, October 2, 2017 3:59 PM, Paul Smith <paul mad-scientist net> wrote:
On Mon, 2017-10-02 at 15:32 -0400, d18jf98rw use startmail com wrote:
I have no idea why you mentioned *Exchange servers*. I clearly
indicated that I am using hotmail in *IMAP* mode...
There's no mention anywhere in your email of Hotmail, so I don't know
how it could be clearly indicated.

You referred to "microsoft mail" and "microsoft IMAP server".  I
assumed Exchange (which you can, or used to be able to, connect to via
IMAP) since it seemed logical to me that "Microsoft mail" would mean
Exchange, and Hotmail would be referred to as "Hotmail".
Even if it is an Exchange on the back end evolution has no idea about it if account is set up as IMAP.

I'd be pretty shocked if Gmail went to the trouble of "figuring out how
same here. I was just semi-joking.

to fix evolution problems"... why would they bother to do that?  Also I
can't remember any time that Gmail has ever duplicated Sent mail and
I've been using them together for 5 years, at least.  Maybe Milan has
an idea whether Evolution does anything special with Gmail accounts WRT
saved mail.
I can see status message "saving to sent folder" flashing. Just don't have time to debug more right now. I 
definitely saw duplicate in gmail but was well more then 5 years ago and I haven't tried gmail with evolution 

Anyway, there are duplicate Sent messages when using evolution with hotmail, live, msn etc .com mail accounts 
if settings are for storing sent mail in sent mailbox on server.


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