Re: [Evolution] unable to properly use evolution with microsoft and google mail

On Mon, 2017-10-02 at 13:38 -0400, d18jf98rw use startmail com wrote:
In my continued evaluation of a migration from thunderbird to
evolution I found another stopper.
Thunderbird has an option to skip saving sent messages. It comes very
handy with both microsoft and google mail which automatically save
outgoing email in appropriate folder.
Evolution is missing this option and user is forced to save outgoing
mail to local Sent to avoid duplicate copies on microsoft and/or
google IMAP server.

I assume you _do_ want to save outgoing emails, but are trying to avoid
duplication, so why not direct T-bird, and Evolution to save your
outgoing email in a single, common IMAP mail folder. I use Evo to
access my Gmail, and run my own mail server as well, and save all all
outgoing email to a folder called "current_outbound" on my own server.
Since I have full access to may mail storage folder I create a symbolic
link from a folder by year and month to the current_outbound folder so
all my outbound email from all my emails is segregated by year and
month. I change the symbolic link on the 1st of every month. You
wouldn't have to do anything this fancy, but using a single IMAP folder
for outbound mail would consolidate it. You can use Evolution to access
both your Gmail and your Hotmail via IMAP, so this solution should work
for all your email accounts.

Alternatively, as Andre said, you could easily configure a filter in
Evolution to delete emails you send.

I may be missing some of the nuances of your situation, but I hope this
at least gives you some ideas.

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